Important information is posted here regarding how to safely use Platz’s products.

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What kind of company is Platz?

Mr. Fukuyama (present CEO), whose father was a medical doctor, founded Platz in 1996 and started manufacturing beds. All nursing care beds used to be very expensive, costing several hundred thousand yen as many of them still do today. Because not many people can afford such beds but want to buy beds for their parents or grandparents, Mr. Fukuyama decided to develop a bed which costs no more than one hundred thousand yen. Finally he launched the PKB-3 bed at the price of 99,800 yen. At the time it was extraordinary cheap compared to the ones by other manufacturers, and gained a good reputation. The basic concept of the product has been succeeded by the current Carelet series.

Nursing Care Bed“PKB-305S”

Platz is now producing tens of thousands of beds annually including OEM products for other manufacturers, products for the company’s own nursing care homes and care insurance rental beds. We have also accumulated knowledge on physical therapy through the development of training equipments for the aged and utilized the knowledge to develop the beds in the current lineup. Thanks to the patronage of all customers, we have been able to deliver our beds and rehabilitation equipments to more than 4,000 facilities in Japan.

What kind of beds is Platz making?

With the slogan “Make our Customers Smile” and a homely design, we considered the opinions of people using the beds, care providers, people who deliver and install the beds, and people who clean the beds, etc. to make inexpensive, safe, user-friendly, motorized beds with a wide range of uses for households and caregiving facilities.
* Basically, we only manufacture electrical beds. We do not manufacture manually operated beds which may impose burden on arms and legs.

See the “Product” page for more details.

I heard that you can rent a bed for a payment of about 1000 yen per month if you have nursing insurance. Is this correct?

Although there are certain conditions, care beds can be rented for approximately 1,000 yen under the rental system for care beds and wheelchairs for users who have certified for the Long-term Care Insurance.

  1. Nursing care authorized and nursing level 2 or over
  2. Nursing care authorized and nursing level 1 or below with approved certification of committee for the need of nursing beds

In regards to prices, please consult your nursing care manager for they differ according to office.
As of August 2015, users who receive income are required to pay 20% of the actual cost, which means their rental expenses will double.

* Our company is a manufacturer and do not undertake rental services.
See the “Nursing Care Authorization” page for more details.

●For those with terminal cancer
On October 25th, 2010 the Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare delegated “management of renting welfare equipment to people with terminal cancer” to the insurance division of each municipality in each of the prefectures to “evaluate the cost of designated welfare equipment rental and designated assistive nursing care welfare equipment for those who are expected to soon have difficulties rising from bed or changing positions on a daily basis”. Please consult your doctor.
Document Sent from Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare to Prefectures(PDF:164 KB)
(about using welfare equipment rental for those with terminal cancer)

Why do rental fee of welfare products differ, while payment of Care Helpers are usually the same?

●Reason 1
Rental fee varies because beds of different manufacturers and different models are priced differently even when the functions are almost the same.
●Reason 2
Delivery cost varies according to the condition at the time of delivery and installation.
(Example) Delivery cost varies according to the labor required for delivery and installation even in the case of delivering the same product. Relatively less work is required if a delivery car can be parked in front of the house while the labor becomes much heavier if the bed has to be carried manually up many hills or snow-covered areas. Although the bed is separated into several parts to reduce the strain on the person delivering the beds, the total weight of the bed is approximately 100kg and can still put a significant amount of strain on the delivery person.

Due to the reasons above, rental fee of welfare products is not flat but decided by competition.
* Rental fees may be higher at small, isolated islands because of the higher delivery cost.

Is it Possible to Rent without Receiving Care Needs Certification?

Depending on where you reside, there may be companies that rent Long-term Care Insurance approved welfare equipment.
Please ask your care manager or a welfare equipment rental company near you.

* What is a Care Manager? : A Care Manager is a person who takes care of various details when applying for the Care Needs Certification (for details please refer to Japan Care Manager Association).
* Rental fees may be higher at small, isolated islands because of the higher delivery cost.

What is the difference between nursing care rental beds and the beds used at welfare facilities?

Back lifting, up-and-down and other basic movements are the common features. Casters can also be added. Our nursing care rental beds are disassembled into 4 to 8 separate components, so it is possible to deliver and assemble with only one staff. This allows delivery to and assembly in personal homes that may have narrow corridors and other restrictions. On the other hand, beds for facilities pose less restrictions during delivery and assembly compared to personal homes, they are pre-assembled, or provided in a few components. Therefore these bed made for facilities are not made for delivery by one person, delivery of these facility bed to personal homes are more expensive.

Are nursing care beds tax-free?

Yes, that is correct. Care beds less than 1 meter wide are generally tax-free. The products listed below are also tax free when purchased with a tax-free care bed.

1 Mattress / 2 Side Rail sets (4 in total)

However, if you purchase casters along with a bed, the bed will be taxed. In that case, the bed, mattress and side rails will all be taxed when purchased together.

Please visit this website about nursing care certification for further details. This website is in Japanese only.

Where Can I Purchase Platz Products?

Because we do not sell our products directly, please ask a welfare equipment retailer or furniture store near you.
* We do not sell outlet merchandise or second-hand products.

Carelet series are categorized as independence support electric bed and not as nursing care bed. What is the difference?

Carelet series was developed out of our wish to provide beds for all aged users at around 100,000 yen regardless of the degree of care needed. Accessories (side rails, bed grips, bed-over table) for other nursing care beds are not included in the Carelet series. Therefore, we have not used the term “nursing care” for this bed. Instead, we provide a set including a mattress and side rails at a reasonable price shown above and have gained a great reputation.

Do I need a big room to install a Platz bed?

No. The size of our beds are almost equivalent to a normal single bed (1m wide * 2 - 2.2m long). In addition to the size of the bed, however, please keep in mind the measurements shown below.

  1. Bed length plus 10cm: for a bed with up-and-down function
  2. Bed width plus 50cm: in case a care provider needs to assist the patient from the wall side
  3. Bed width plus 1m: in case of using a wheelchair



The gap between the bed and the wall should be 0cm or over 50cm (if possible 1m). Falling in the wall gap between the wall and the bed may cause an intense thrust to the user’s chest and lead to serious injuries.

For further details, please check the following websites. Product Information / Manual.

Is it possible to upgrade the function of the bed after the purchase? For example, can I add another motor to the model with one motor?

Miolet series and Ultilet series can be upgraded by changing parts (paid service).
(example) Two extra motors can be added to improve the back lifting function.

* Primolet, Miolet series and Ultilet series are compatible with casters.
* Upgrade for Carelet Series and Primolet are unavailable.

Is there a JIS standard for welfare products?

Yes. Because there are many serious accidents with nursing care beds, the safety standard of nursing care bed was revised and became stricter in the spring of 2009.

Standard Code: JIS T 9254:2009

JIS standards for various other welfare products are also to be revised.
Platz’s “Miolet” series, which is eligible for rental under the Long-term Care Insurance System, and the independence support electric “Primolet” bed have received certification.

For further information about JIS, please visit the following websites.
Product Safety Japan Assistive Products Association