Founding Spirit

Effort and Dedication

We will strive to develop as a company that contributes to society by assisting people in leading a fulfilling lifestyle. We will achieve this through good practices and maintain our creativeness and innovation to ensure our customers are satisfied.

Platz’s Company Philosophy

Our principle goal is to make a permanent contribution to society by providing the nursing, welfare, and bed industries with high quality, useful products at low prices and bringing satisfaction and happiness to customers.

1. Our Principles of Management
  • Good Practices
  • Creativeness
  • Innovation
1. Our Code of Conduct
Platz’s employees shall always be humble and work together to create new, unique products.

Platz’s Four Pillars

Customers, Users, Factories, & Products are the four pillars supporting Platz. By harmonizing the four pillars, our primary goal is to deliver joy and satisfaction to our customers.

  1. (1)Customers (Retailers)
  2. (2)Bed Users
  3. (3)Manufacture Factories
  4. (4)Products of High Cost Performance