Privacy Policy

Basic Policy on Protection of Individuals Information

1. Basic Policy

Individual Information is important individual property.
All personnel engaged in the business activities of Platz shall adhere to the company’s compliance program, protecting customers’ information and responding to customers’ trust by handling individual information properly and safely.

2. Purposes of the Compliance Program on Individual Information

  1. The program provides the standard for proper collection and utilization of individual information and usage.
  2. The program defines the rules on handling of individual information in order to prevent illegal access to, loss, corruption, falsification and leakage of individual information.

3. Organizational Activities

The basic policy shall be implemented by activities listed below.

  1. All executives and employees shall adhere to the laws and ordinances related to individual information.
  2. An appointed manager of individual information shall be given authorities and responsibilities regarding implementation and administering of the compliance program and handle related tasks.
  3. Platz shall call for the cooperation of business partners in order to achieve the purposes of the compliance program.
  4. The basic policy provided herein shall be uploaded on the company’s website and included in the company brochure, and be accessible to anybody anytime.
  5. The compliance program shall be continuously improved.

4. Handling of Individual Information

  1. Collection, Usage and Provision of Individual Information
    In acquiring individual information, Platz shall clarify to the information provider the purposes of collection and the range of use of acquired information and properly handle the acquired information.
  2. Respect for the Rights of Individuals
    Platz shall respect the right to individual information. In case an information provider requests to disclose, correct and delete his or her own information, Platz shall respond to such requests through an appropriate agency and within a reasonable range.
  3. Security Policy
    Platz shall set up office regulations and implement security policies in order to prevent such troubles as leakage or falsification of individual information.

Usage of Individual Information of Customers

Utilization Purpose of Individual Information

Platz shall utilize the individual information of customers within the range required for the business and utilization purposes below in compliance with the Act on the Protection of Personal Information


  • Manufacture and Sales of Nursing Care Products
  • Manufacture and Sales of Health Care Equipments and Rehabilitation Equipments
  • Manufacture and Sales of Furniture and Steel Office Equipments

Utilization Purposes

  • To deliver Items ordered by customers
  • To response to inquiries by customers
  • To supply information and materials related to products, product safety and after-sales services
  • To conduct customer questionnaires to reflect customers thoughts on future products and services

Provision of Individual Information to a Third Party

Platz provides a part of the individual information acquired from customers to a distribution agency in order to deliver products listed above. Platz has an agreement on handling of individual information with such third party.

Individual Information Managing Officer

Managing Officer Administration Division General Manager
Isao Kondo
PLATZ Co., Ltd.
2-3-17, Nakahata, Onojo City, Fukuoka
Customer Service Officer Human Resources & General Affairs Department
Takahiro Nakamoto
PLATZ Co., Ltd.
2-3-17, Nakahata, Onojo City, Fukuoka