Delivery & Assembly

The assembled bed will be approximately 1m wide, 2m long, and weigh 70 to 100kg.
Please consider the size of the room, strength of the floor, and width of the hallway from the entrance to the room before purchasing the bed.
Please let the experienced salesperson or assembly professionals to deliver and assemble the bed. Please be aware that incorrect assembly may cause injuries and accidents.

Independence Support Electric Bed Carelet Series

The largest reclining unit is 1m x 2m and weighs approximately 40-55kg. Therefore, two or more people are required to deliver and assemble the bed.

Caution for Delivery and Assembly

As shown in the below assembly diagram, the 1m wide and 2m long reclining unit that weighs 40 to 55kg must be set on assembled wooden board and side panel. For safety reasons, please deliver and assemble with at least two people. When delivering the bed to the second floor or to other difficult locations, please confirm the width of the hallways and staircase before purchasing the bed. See the Instruction Manual for details on assembling the bed.

Caution when Using Mattresses from a Different Company

Please use a mattress that is reclining compatible, weighs less than 18kg, and is 95-97cm wide. Incompatible mattresses may cause injuries and damage.

Care Insurance Rental Nursing Care Bed “Miolet Series

The reclining unit is divided in six sections and the largest unit is approximately 1.2m x 1m. The heaviest unit weighs approximately 23kg. Please have two people carry the bed when delivering the bed to the second floor or to other difficult locations. Because the Miolet is has more individual parts than other beds, please have an experienced salesperson or a professional deliver and assemble the bed.