Warnings Regarding the Side Rails

List of Warnings Regarding the Side Rails

Supplementary Information Regarding Accidents and Warnings of Beds Released by the Consumer Affairs Agency and Ministry of Health, Labour and Welfare

Each of the government agencies released warnings pertaining to accidents with care beds. In response, the Safety Promotion Council for Medical and Home Care Bed distributed the “Safety Pamphlet: The Dangers of Care Beds!”, and are encouraging users to confirm whether or not there are dangerous gaps in their beds.

We ask that customers using our beds see the “Additional Information Regarding Gap Accidents” below and check the safety of your bed.

Caution for Gaps Between the Bed and the Former Bed Grip Model (PZR-K900)

Using the former bed grip model (PZR-K900), which were sold until October 2006, in combination with the Ultilet Series or Miolet Series will result in a gap large enough for the foot to get caught between the swinging section and the mattress and may be difficult to release the foot. If left for a prolonged time, there is the possibility of internal bleeding in the toes or thighs. Please be extra careful.